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asid complete sticker collection [7 Pack]

asid complete sticker collection [7 Pack]


Complete collection of all 7 stickers, including:

- 4 asid boredwe're logo bumper stickers
- 2 asid boredwe're barcode bumper stickers
- 1 asid boredwe’re transfer sticker

Refer to item listings respectively for further details.

Follow these instructions to apply transfer sticker:

1. Clean your desired surface before applying (make sure it’s dry).
2. Slowly peel transfer tape off of paper backing.
3. Place your sticker (sticky side down) on your desired surface, and apply pressure all across to make sure it’s completely stuck on. Use a plastic card if needed.
4. Once stuck on, slowly peel back the transfer tape to ensure the sticker doesn’t come off with it.
5. Enjoy!

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